Owning worlds is now possible

Be ready to colonize 10,000 faraway planets made of gas, desert, ice and water

Save the Date! Available in June Hosted on the Polygon blockchain

Millions of exclusive and unique worlds generated through complex algorithm technologies - yet supply is limited to only 10 000 NFTs


Win a 0-G flight and experience Spatial-like weightlessness

Owning a World NFT gives you the opportunity to earn real space gifts: space food rations, hundreds of rare meteorites, space patches for your astronaut suit. Get rewarded with a life time experience in a 0G flight where you will experience spatial-like freefalls

Get ready for lift off

And who knows you might run into (or cross path with) unknown civilizations on your way

Ready to be part of the adventure ?

  • Roadmap To colonize the NFT universe

    Can't wait to own your planets ? Here's the timeline

    Initialization & Artistic Creation (Achieved)

    October 2021 to February 2022

    Project kick-off by 4 Crypto & Nft enthusiasts

    Launch of Official Website & Socials

    10K high quality planets NFT generated

    Private Sale

    June, 2022

    Get early pre-sales to be part of the first 2000 lucky ones. 77 Matic on Polygon’s Blockchain

    A chance for World NFT owners to be part of an airdrop of 10 ultra limited edition planets randomly chosen

    Public Sale Launching

    June, 2022

    D Day has arrived! Public Sale of 4000 worlds (NFT) at 99 Matic Everyone can own, earn and sale planets

    New Airdrop of 5 ultra limited-edition planets for 5 lucky owners

    Project development

    June, 2022 to end of times

    Continuous development of the project and the community

    New collections launches

    Milestones and Gifts

    For each of the following milestones, we will giveaway an incredible 0G flight to win, to experience true weightlessness + dozens of real meteorites, space food rations and space patches

    Milestone 1 : 2K NFTs sold

    One 0G flight to win + many gifts

    Milestone 2 : 5K NFTs sold

    Same as milestones 1 and 3

    + Collection No 2 Airdrop

    Milestone 3 : Sold out

    One 0G flight to win + many gifts

    Awesome Team

    A team composed of passionate Crypto & Nft enthusiasts with skills in entrepreneurship, art and technologies. Experts in Business and Marketing, the team continues to grow


    Founder & Team Leader / Artist


    Founder / Director of Sales & Partnerships


    Sales & Partnerships


    Responsible for Social media & Communication